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The World's Creepiest TGI Friday's Corporate Video

The other day — because life is too short not to do this type of thing — I was rooting around the TGI Friday's website. Those are two hours I'll never get back. But it was worth it! Lurking on the site is a short video that is the Ur-source for all the flair, the stripes, the maniacal cheeriness that has brought TGIF scorn as well as success. It's like the Dead Sea Scrolls of TGIF. Sadly, it only lasted 18 seconds and came without sound. So to amplify its inherent creepiness, I've added music — "Country Air" by the Beach Boys — and slowed it waaay down. There's nothing creepier than a man riding a unicycle in a restaurant in slo-mo. Unless, that is, he's employed to do just that.

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