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Domino's Wisconsin Six-Cheese Pizza Is a Total Fraud

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Domino's has falsely invoked the power of Wisconsin cheese! Their new "Wisconsin 6 Cheese Pizza" does in fact feature six types of cheese, but only 33% of the cheese on the pizza is made in Wisconsin. Which makes it not very Wisconson-y at all. Where does the rest of the cheese come from? Canada? Idaho? Uzbekistan?

They even have a commercial that takes a focus group on a surprise trip to a dairy farm where a farmer says "100% real, from beginning to end." Well it's not 100% from Wisconsin.

In fairness, the farm in question does produce milk for feta cheese, the only cheese Domino's sources exclusively in Wisconsin. But there are five other cheeses between the beginning and end! Maybe they should change it to 33% real?

The Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board seems kind of okay with it, though. They say they're hoping the Domino's deal "might prompt the introduction of similar offerings from other companies." Which, sure, we get that it's good advertising, but isn't the point of advertising to, you know, actually sell the product?

Video: Domino's Truttman Dairy Commercial

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