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A Guide To Feeding Vegans Through Brisket Deception

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By now we've been paddled all of us by the Meat is for Pussies v. Meat is for Pussies is For Pussies debate. On one hand, Jonathan Safran Foer is a whiny twat. On the other hand, there is something to be said for not taking the lives of animal needlessly. Something that's been missing in this whole debate is humor.

This video is by far the funniest volley in the debate and, strangely, comes from Montreal, a town known for its meat but not necessarily its hilarity. [Mike Myers is from Ontario; The Kids in the Hall are from Calgary.] It's got Eastern European accents, subliminal messages, erections and, nicely, directions for making beef brisket. Enjoy.

Video: Culinary Propaganda Episode 1 - "Nice Briskets, Baby!"

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