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WWII Vets Too Casual for Wolfgang Puck's Dallas Restaurant

A group of World War II veterans were denied entrance to Wolfgang Puck's Five Sixty restaurant in Dallas because they were dressed improperly in shorts, POW t-shirts, and baseball hats. Mind you, this is in a state where it's totally acceptable, and in fact encouraged, to wear cowboy boots anywhere and everywhere. Puck's restaurant stuck to their "business casual" dress code.

While it's unclear whether or not they identified themselves as the distinguished survivors of the "Black Thursday" battle, most everyone involved agreed they should have been served.

The restaurant's manager sent the group a written apology along with two bottles of Scotch, and Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert sent each individual veteran an apologetic letter and a pin with the city's seal.

The group's tour guide says they will not return to the restaurant: "We were humiliated once, so I don't think they have any interest in stepping back in there." We're betting they drank that Scotch, though.

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Five Sixty by Wolfgang Puck

400 S Houston St Dallas, TX 75202-4802