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Eaterrogation With René Redzepi, in Three Parts

Photos: Joshua David Stein /

In case you missed it, this week Eater National's Senior Editor Joshua David Stein interviewed René Redzepi — chef at Copenhagen's Noma which was voted the best restaurant in the world and author of Phaidon's Noma: Time and Place in Nordic Cuisine — and in honor of time and place, one of Redzepi's major preoccupations, the Eaterrogation was broken up into three segments, linked to their meanderings through Manhattan:

· Part One: René Redzepi on the Future and Biting the Heads Off Shrimp
· Part Two: René Redzepi on Eats, Jews, and Leaving Noma [Don't Panic]
· Part Three: René Redzepi on elBulli, Dufresne, and His Fear of Dogs