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José Andrés is Not Doing Molecular Anything, Okay?

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Chef José Andrés got all philosophical on some poor Feast reporter when she dared to use the term "molecular gastronomy" to describe his cooking. Andrés sets the record straight: "What I am doing, with many other chefs, my master, friend, and mentor Ferran Adrià, we are trying to close the gap, to create the bridge, between cooking and science."

He delves in a bit deeper later in the interview: "Cooking reaches into science because everything we do at the end of the day has a physical, a chemical, or scientific explanation." Which is a practical explanation! But then he sort of blows our minds: "So we can do two things: Go to bed without knowing how the sun rises every morning, or we can go to bed knowing why the sunset happens every night. Simple." So it's more like culinary astronomy? Or culinary astro-physics?

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