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Eric Ripert Declares the Death of Molecular Gastronomy

Chef Eric Ripert said molecular gastronomy is dead! But that's not really what he means. What he means is that the hype surrounding molecular gastronomy is over, meaning chefs can focus on cooking and not use it as in a gimmicky way.

Instead, he predicts molecular gastronomy will just become part of a chef's arsenal: "I think [molecular gastronomy is] going to be integrated into a more classic way of cooking and help us elevate the quality of great ingredients."

He seems to think of the scientific cooking technique almost as an intellectual thought experiment: "Molecular cuisine was fantastic in a sense that it was funny and it was an experience for the client, and chefs were very adventurous and so on... But molecular for molecular, cooking for the technique? I think that is over." Let it be so.

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[Photo: Krieger]