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Chow's Food Celebrity Halloween Costumes

Photos: Chow

Big props to Chow for coming up with six food people-themed Halloween costumes and instructions on how to put them together. Above: the artisanal chocolate makers (and friends of Eater) the Mast brothers, an improbably sexy Michael Pollan (in case you want to slut it up but be intellectual at the same time), Guy Fieri (which requires "some sweaty swagger"), and Earth Mother Alice Waters. Boo?

Guy Fieri and Alice Waters sort of make sense, but do you really want to walk around on Halloween and explain who the Mast Brothers are? Everyone will just think you're Amish. Click through for more costumes, including Mario Batali and Paula Deen.

· Food-Celebrity Halloween Costumes: Sexy Michael Pollan and More! [Chow]