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Six-Month-Old McDonald's Happy Meal Is Indestructible

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A six-month-old Happy Meal.
A six-month-old Happy Meal.
Photo: Sally Davies Photography

New York artist Sally Davies bought a Happy Meal from McDonald's in April and took photographs of it periodically over the past six months — just to see how much it changed over time. Problem is, it didn't change much. Sure, the burger shrank some, and the fries look a little shriveled, but no mold, no sign of decay. McDonald's issued a statement saying they couldn't respond to the project because they were unsure what condition the burger and fries were kept in; we suppose they're alluding to the possibility that they were frozen? Or stored in the vacuum that is outer space? Watch the video below and decide for yourself.

Video: Happy Meal Mold-Free After Six Months

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