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Restaurant High Chairs More Bacteria-Ridden Than Toilets

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Babies are messy creatures. Their mess ends up everywhere. Sometimes, their mess even ends up on high chairs at restaurants, and stays there rotting until it grows deadly bacteria. It's true! A company named Microban ran a study and found that your average restaurant high chair has more bacteria on it than the average public toilet! Which is pretty gross.

Parents, we guess you better totally panic and stock up on antibacterial products, like the ones made by Microban... hey, wait a second! We see what they did there. No, but seriously, high chairs are probably very gross and full of all kinds of E. coli and whatnot. Or, alternatively, wrap your kid in plastic wrap!

· Restaurant High Chairs Harbour More Bacteria Than the Average Toilet Seat [Daily Mail]

Babies making a mess. [Photo: Daily Mail]

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