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Sundays in the [Carts in the] Parc with Andrew Zimmern

[Photos: Joshua David Stein]

It's not that I'm not down with the whole street food thing. I am. I'm totally down with it. But I'm not sure what exactly the unifying theme is amongst cuisines or whether there is one at all or whether that's even the right question to ask. Certainly little beyond the four-wheeled provenance unified the trucks at Carts in the Parc, the last big NYWFF event before Guy Fieri's Cocaine and Red Bull Fueled Show Me Your Tits Closing Party.

Unlike the best-in-class events like Burger Bash or Meatball Madness, Carts in the Parc, one of the newest events, held an astonishing breadth of cuisines. After a weekend of eating 28 burgers, 32 meatballs, 47 sandwiches, and Paula Deen's brunch, a little variety was welcome. Safely ensconced with some antacid and hindsight, some thoughts.

The genesis of the street food craze will be food courts. This event — which took place in the courtyard and the entrance of Jeffrey Chodorow's new food court, Foodparc, might have been the tipping point. One literally had to walk through a budding trend to its antecedent.

Andrew Zimmern, good guy, great host. Not somebody whose face I want to see on a Jumbotron.

A thoroughly off-putting interaction:
JDS: Hi Robin.
[NYWFF PR Maven] Robin Insley: Hey Joshua. You know [former NYT Styles "writer"] Allen Salkin, right?
JDS: Yeah.
Allen Salkin: Hi, I'm Allen.
JDS: Yeah, we've met.
Allen: Oh, like we've met ten times and I don't remember? That's me, not you. Joshua...
JDS: David Stein.
Allen: Oh yeah. I know you. You just got married?
JDS: Two years ago.
Allen: How's that going?
JDS: I'm still married.

Michael White's lamb tongue sandwich won the day. "No more burgers. No more tacos. No more sandwiches. I'm done," said Chef White.

Eddie's Pizza Truck was a total wash. Thin crust pizza is one thing. Bowling alley pizza is another.

Jeffrey Chodorow, sitting by himself, "I've eaten too much," he said. "I don't feel great." He did though seem excited about the prospect of guest chefs cooking at the Foodparc on a rotating basis.

Most popular sweet truck: Doug Quint's Big Gay Ice Cream truck. With good reason too. It's gay. It's good. It's great.

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