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Jamie Oliver Is Having a Hell of a Time Fighting Obesity

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It's not easy trying to save the world, but Jamie Oliver's doing his best. The child nutrition advocate and chef told the The Guardian, "I'd love to be elitist, cos that's where my heart is...but it's fuck-all use to anyone," and so he's doing his best to get school lunch programs on track in the UK and America. Oliver is about to return to the states to film the second season of his show, Jamie's American Food Revolution, but he's not happy about it.

Why America? It's not for the money, that's for sure:

You think I'm going to America to make money? That is probably the worst financial use of my time in the world, going to America next year, cos there's no money in TV, and they don't buy books. I don't want to break America, I don't want to move there, I'll be there for three months next year but I don't want to be making that show, I want Americans to be making that fucking show. I'm not pleased I got the Emmy cos I got the Emmy; I'm pleased because it will get other people to make these shows, and get the public active, and get McDonald's to start doing some other shit instead of the shit they are doing.

Americans don't buy cookbooks, which is true! But cookbooks and television, at least state-side, are a means to an end — the platform to lucrative speaking engagements, demos, and events.

So what's Jamie Oliver do? Stir up trouble: "Although they don't know it, the public is still king. So what I try and do is shit-stir." Oliver thinks the problem with Americans is that they don't let businesses know what they want, and cites McDonald's as an example of a business in the UK that has changed its practices due to public outcry.

Despite the fact that we apparently don't buy cookbooks, Oliver just came out with a book on American food called Jamie's America: Easy Twists on Great American Classics, and More. A gesture of good faith?

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