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Milk and Cookies Hosted by Martha Stewart

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Jacques Torres and Martha Stewart
Jacques Torres and Martha Stewart
[Photos: Lia Bulaong]

We pity a) the fools who loves cookies but didn't pony up a paltry $40 for yesterday morning's Milk and Cookies event hosted by domestic goddess Martha Stewart at the New York Times Cafeteria, b) the fools who brought small children to a morning event with 18 different cookie stations, most of which had at least two different kinds of cookies, virtually ensuring a weekend-ruining sugar high, and c) the fools who actually ate breakfast before coming over. If you showed up sans little ones and with an empty belly, high five! Extra points if you remembered to bring a ziploc to sneak your giant cookie hoard home.

We ate so much we're not eating another cookie again until well into 2011, but the three we liked most and look forward most to eating again then are Baked's salt & pepper sandwich cookie, Mad Mac NYC's raspberry macaron and, yes, Martha Stewart's own glazed lemon cookies — made by peons in the Martha Stewart Omnimedia empire and not the lady herself, to be sure, but they were delicious.

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