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Bloggers Go on Strict Diets and Blog About It

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Whether living on McDonald's or not eating out in New York, it seems like people are always trying to prove something with their severely restricted diets. And then, of course, they do what people do these days: they blog about it. (Book deals in the making!) For example, today 200 bloggers led by Andrew Wilder of Eating Rules have started a month of eating unprocessed foods. They're defining "unprocessed" as "any food that could be made by a person with reasonable skill in a home kitchen with readily available, whole-food ingredients."

Meanwhile, in a more extreme take on the theme, Chris Voigt of the Washington State Potatoes Commission has vowed to eat 20 plain potatoes for the next 60 days, to show how nutritious the tubers can be. Beyond the fact that he'll probably get really, really sick of potatoes, doesn't it seem like 20 is kind of a lot per day?

Chicago Tribune blogger Monica Eng just finished a week of spending only $31 on food (if you're curious, yes, she "fell off the wagon" at one point). Back in August, a blogger vowed to eat exclusively at food trucks for a month; hard to say if she's succeeding as her blog is invite only, but we wish her all the best. Then there's Cathy Erway, who decided to take a huge plunge and not eat out despite living in New York (where kitchens are small and home cooked meals can be a difficult undertaking) for two whole years. She got a book deal out of it, naturally. What's next? The all-gummy bear diet? Nothing but mall food courts?

All of these were probably in some way inspired by Morgan Spurlock's Super Size Me documentary, in which Spurlock exclusively ate McDonald's for four weeks and revealed the rather terrifying results. More power to all of them, but we're taking a more relaxed approach to our meals.

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Andrew Wilder. [Photo: Eating Rules]

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