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"Industry Icon" Todd English Films TV Pilot, Showcases Life

Last week, Runaway Groom Todd English filmed a pilot episode for a proposed new reality show called A View From the Top. The show—not to be confused with the 2003 Christina Applegate romantic comedy—is still be shopped to networks, but the premise is that it allows young people to follow around their "industry icons" for a day and aspire to be like them. Or something like that.

Anyway, for some reason, English was chosen to be the restaurant industry rep for this little endeavor of showing people the view from the top, which is especially fun and ironic, given Big Todd's autumnal activities saw the celeb chef make the rare jump from the food section to the gossip pages, with the whole Runaway Groom storyline.

So what exactly did they do on the pilot episode? It's basically like take-your-admirer-to-work day:

During the shoot, Donnelly sat in on a meeting with English and the celebrity chef’s architect and interior designer at his new Beacon Hill cupcake shop, Curly Cakes. The chef duo hung out at English’s Charlestown restaurant, Olives, where they cooked up one of its signature dishes.
Ho-hum. If they wanted some really good reality television, they should have followed around Todd English during his wedding disaster fallout and "sucking serious face" fallout that ensued. That would have been must-see television. Someone really dropped the ball here.
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