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Fallon Mixes it Up With Meehan; Colbert Big-Ups Domino's

In this edition of The 5 Food And Dining Videos That You Need To Watch Today, PDT Mixologist makes drinks with Jimmy Fallon, Colbert picks Domino's Pizza as his Alpha Dog Of the Week, Roy Choi demos his chef mobile, and much, much, more.

1) Jim Meehan Makes Drinks on Fallon: Jim Meehan is one of Manhattan’s big Mixologists right now because of his creative, well informed cocktail creations at his bar, PDT – a “secret” tavern that is only accessible via a phone both in an East Village hot dog stand. Jim stopped by Fallon last night to make some G & T’s for the host, and some tea-quila high balls for house band, The Roots:

2) Colbert Riffs on The New Dominoes Pizza: Two nights ago, Steven Colbert chose Dominoes Pizza as his “Alpha Dog of the Week” based on their new marketing campaign, which acknowledges the poor quality of their product. As Colbert says, “It takes Alpha meatballs to say ‘America, we suck’”:

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3) Mark Peel Makes Stuffed Pasta on LA Morning Show: Mark Peel, chef/owner of LA hotspots Campanile and Tar Pitt and former Top Chef Masters cheftestant stopped by local morning show Good Day LA this morning to make some simple, home-style stuffed pasta. He makes it look easy, alright:

4) Roy Choi Demos His Tricked out Toyota Scion: Earlier today, we learned about the supped-up Scion that Toyota custom built for Kogi Empire builder Roy Choi, that comes equipped with a sink, grill and refrigerator. Here’s a clip of Roy and the mini-food truck in action – it’s a great improvement from the transforming Kogi-mobile that we saw yesterday.

5) Al Roker Makes Braised Short Ribs with SW Steakhouse Chef: Al Roker was in Vegas this week at an Electronics expo, and found time to make some braised short ribs with David Walzhog the executive chef at SW Steakhouse at the Wynn in Vegas,. The recipe is simple, and the result looks great – you can tell that these ribs, are right up Roker’s alley:

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