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Giada and Target Join Forces, Booze-Filled Tea, More!

CELEB CHEFDOM—Target has announced that it will sell an exclusive line of Giada cookware and food with a creative name: "Target said De Laurentiis will become a spokeswoman for groceries and that starting this month, the company will introduce the 'Giada De Laurentiis for Target' line, including cookware, such as a cast iron panini grill pan for $69.99, and specialty food, such as whole wheat penne rigate for $2.79." [Reuters]

LOS ANGELES—Here's a trend that hopefully will stay confined to LaLaLand. A few enterprising nightlifers in LA have converted the backroom of the unfortunately named H.wood nightclub into the Tea Room, a small one-room club inside the club where one can sip "prohibition tea", which are alcohol-infused teas from actual tea pots. Apparently, the owners got the idea from Cher, who would frequent the club but only drink tea. [LAT]

TENNESSEE—Sometimes no words are needed. From Slashfood: "Police in Murfreesboro, Tenn. are calling the recent explosion of a ketchup bottle at a local waffle joint the latest manifestation of a worrisome national trend. Spokesman Kyle Evans says there's been a proliferation of "video Web sites describing the prank," which entails adding baking soda to a half-emptied bottle of ketchup.'This could be a class C felony,' Evans adds, citing a statute that forbids tampering with food. According to the police report, the victim's wife called 911 after ketchup ended up "all in his face and hands, even his clothing." [Slashfood]