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Two Is a Trend

heartstopperslogo1-300x227.jpgA little over two years ago, The Heart Attack Grill opened in Chandler, Arizona, as a diner with a "cardiac arrest" theme -- customers get hospital wristbands upon entry, the menu features items like the "Triple Bypass Burger", waitresses wear skimpy nurse outfits, etc, etc. Well, now, over in Florida, a copycat has opened up, Heart Stoppers Sports Grill. Pretty much the same deal here - ditto the nurses outfits, 3-pound burgers, and just like the original - any customer that weighs over 350 eats for free. Says the proprietor of the new spot, “I wanted the Five Guys burger franchise, but it was taken, so I just built my own menu around a good burger." Right. [Jan Norris, via Eat Feats]