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Ode to Dining

2010_01_rogere.jpgLooking for an excellent read on your lunchbreak? Roget Ebert, who recently lost the ability to eat and drink, pens a long, heartfelt column on food, in which he recalls his best memories ("I could if I wanted to right now close my eyes and re-experience an entire meal at Steak 'n Shake, bite by bite in proper sequence"). However, he does note that while the inability to eat/drink is not so bad, the big loss for him is the activity of dining: "So that's what's sad about not eating. The loss of dining, not the loss of food. It may be personal, but for, unless I'm alone, it doesn't involve dinner if it doesn't involve talking. The food and drink I can do without easily. The jokes, gossip, laughs, arguments and shared memories I miss." [Sun-Times]