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How Do Restaurant Industry Jobs Rank on the Career Scale?

CareerCast has released its 2010 list of the year's best—and worst—jobs in America. Apparently, the rankings are based on five main factors: Physical Demands, Work Environment, Income, Stress and Hiring Outlook.

Of course, the fun part here is to see how restaurant industry jobs stack up in the long scheme of things. The best job is an Actuary and the worst is a Roustabout (best word today). But back to the task at hand: as best we can tell, there are no chef/cook positions on the list of 200, but don't worry, there are plenty of restaurant and food-related careers representing. Sadly, as most industry industry folks can attest, the jobs don't rank so well:

125. Waiter/Waitress
138. Bartender
156. Dishwasher
161. Farmer
190. Butcher
197. Dairy Farmer
For comparisons' sake, ranking ahead of all (or most) of the hospitality-related jobs are the following: Janitor (83), Bookbinder (91), Piano Tuner (109), Cashier (112), Sewage Plant Operator (117), Vending Machine Repairer (122), and Undertaker (134).
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