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Jamie Oliver Coaxed a Confession From a Jewel Thief

Once again taking the role of celebrity chef to amazing new heights, Jamie Oliver's latest heroics prove that he may, in fact, actually be saving the world with every passing second. Oliver's latest good deed involves one of his troubled "apprentices" (or more likely, someone who appeared on his television show), a wise role model, and an airport heist straight out of a movie.

The story goes that this aspiring chef—one 28-year-old Tom Baisden—turned to a life of crime and was arrested for being the "inside man" a theft of 4 million pounds worth of Cartier jewelry. Today, Baisden was convicted and sentenced to 25 months in prison after coming forward and admitting his role, because—and this is according to British newspaper The SunJamie Oliver "inspired him to confess." From fighting America's fatties to providing dating services to being a mentertainer, is there nothing Jamie can't do?
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