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Miami's Most Important Eateries, Calorie Counting Research

MIAMI—Before bidding the year adieu, South Florida critic Lee Klein hopped on the decade list bandwagon and names the 10 most important Miami restaurants of the last 10 years. On the list: Nobu, Michy's, Sardinia, Palme d'Or and six others. [MNT]

CHAIN REACTIONS—Some scoffed at calorie counting's efficacy, but fast food chains are finding that they actually do matter: "An analysis of 100 million transactions over 14 months at Starbucks by researchers at Stanford University showed that when calories were posted prominently, the average number of calories per transaction fell by 6 percent. "[WaPo]

LOS ANGELES—Not only is San Francisco's Mixt Greens headed to Washington DC, but the salad mini-chain is expanding to Los Angeles too. Two new SoCal locations will open up: one in Malibu and one near LACMA. [LAT]

[Photo: Michy's]