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In Case You Were Wondering What Kind of People Ramsay Seeks For MasterChef

As you'll surely recall, Gordon Ramsay and his merry band of Fox cohorts are currently touring the country on a nationwide casting call for the upcoming show MasterChef. One of the contestant applications is below, and to give you an idea of the classy spirit of the show—billed as American Idol for Chefs, remember—here are some of the more notable questions that Fox is asking the sophisticated (not sophisticated) applicant pool:

· Describe your feelings about Chef Gordon Ramsay.
· How would someone who knows you describe your worst qualities?
· What personality traits are you annoyed by in other people?
· What was the last unusual, exciting or spontaneous thing that you instigated?
· What types of people intimidate you?
· Have you had plastic surgery?
· Have you ever hit someone in anger or self-defense?
A nice, if somewhat expected, look at the inner workings of reality television casting, no? Grab some popcorn, because there's a slight chance that Fox is trying to concoct a drama-filled cast.
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