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Kim Kardashian Deep Fries Oreos With Guy Fieri and Jay Leno; Mario Batali Remembers Nonna

In this edition of The 5 Food And Dining Videos That You Need To Watch Today, Kim Kardashian deep fries oreos with Guy Fieri and Jay Leno, Mario Batali waxes poetic about his nona's cooking, KFC Australia releases a controversial commercial, and much, much more.

1) Kim Kardashian Deep Fries Oreos With Jay Leno and Guy Fieri: Kim Kardashian stopped by Leno last night to plug some fitness video, and towards the end of her segment, a wall pulled away, revealing Guy Fieri in a mock diner, ready to prepare Kim’s favorite guilty pleasure – deep fried oreos! Being the gentleman that he is, Mr. Fieri also made a treat for Jay – deep fried pizza!:

2) Jean-Georges Shows You How To Make Soba Noodles: Really good soba noodles are really hard to make. Who better to show you the steps to making them yourself than Jean-Georges Vongerichten and the soba masters at his NYC restaurant Matsugen?

3) Mario Batali Talks About His Grandma's Cooking: Faces of America is a miniseries airing on PBS next month, about famous people and the experiences their ancestors had in America (or something). Mario Batali is interviewed for the show, and in the clip below, he shares some great stories about his Italian nonna and the food she cooked:

4) Offensive Australian KFC Ad: This Australian KFC ad is causing quite a furor over its depiction of a white cricket fan, presumably annoyed at the black cricket fans sitting around him, who then pacifies the situation by offering his seatmates a bucket of fried chicken, remarking “too easy” [Via HuffPo]:

5) Women Chefs Talk Shop: This video, taken at the recent Women Chef Conference, features an insane roster of female chefs talking about why they dedicated their lives to cooking -- including Top Cheffer Carla Hall, an instructor from the Le Cordon Bleu culinary School, and Elizabeth Faulkner of Sf’s Citizen Cake:

Bonus: Eric Ripert Makes Carribean Shrimps: It’s nice to see Eric Ripert, a chef generally known for his insane dedication to French cooking, lighten up a bit and cook a little Caribbean style “shrimps” with Hoda Kotb and Piers Morgan on the fourth hour of the Today Show:

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