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Atlanta Club Feuds, More on Graham Elliot's New Project

CHICAGOFood & Wine shares a few more details on the new eatery from Graham Elliot Bowles. It's going to be called Grahamwich, will offer lots of sandwiches, and will employ bike messengers. [F&W]

ATLANTANow this ... this is a real feud. None of that Bourdain-Rachael Ray business. In Atlanta, a strip club tried to take down an upstart competitor in all sorts of bonkers ways before getting caught: "They tried littering the place with roaches, then infesting it with rats. And when all else failed, prosecutors say, they tried to burn the place down." [AP]

HAWAII—Earlier in the president's Hawaii trip, the first family dined at Alan Wong's. On Saturday night, the Obamas dined at Lucy's Grill and Bar in Hawaii, and just in case you needed more proof of the Obama Effect: "Secret Service staff told [owner Christian] Schneider that a restaurant or store visited by the president usually sees a 15 to 20 percent increase in business and he hopes that translates statewide." [KITV]