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Voltaggio Bros. Debut "Deconstructing the Voltaggio Brothers"

Top Chef Season 6 winner and runner up Michael and Bryan Voltaggio have just posted the first in their weekly video series on their website -- this week's episode is titled "Deconstructing The Voltaggio Brothers." What is revealed in this first four-minute clip? Well, there are no cooking demonstrations or recommendations for kitchen gadgetry as they hinted at earlier. Instead, we get a Q & A with the boys about the purpose of the video series and a bit of their culinary origin stories. In the video the boys make it clear that they are trying to establish themselves as a culinary brand outside of the show that made them famous.

For the most part, the video works where that's concerned. We don't see the bros working together very much, but the talking heads are interspersed with many shots of them individually making artsy, seemingly avant garde food, in a real restaurant kitchen. We learn that, like many chefs, both Bryan and Michael worked their way up to respectable kitchen positions by starting at the bottom of the culinary food chain -- Bryan notes that he began his kitchen career as a busboy at age 14. Hopefully next week's video will include some demonstrations and especially some interaction between the two.

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