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Pro Athletes Stiff Resto on Bill, Set the Bar For Cheapskates

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Reminding everyone why hockey is unpopular in America, the NHL's Edmonton Oilers rang in the New Year with a big restaurant controversy that pretty much leaves the team looking like huge, debaucherous cheapskates (Get it? Skates, hockey. Eh?).

Anyway, it all went down at Calgary's swanky Osteria De Medici restaurant, where the Oilers racked up a bill of $16,796.39, including $8,248 worth of booze, highlighted by two $500 magnums of Dom Perignon and a single round of shots that cost $250. And after $16K of booze, that's when things got messy.

Apparently, this bill total angered the team, to the point that they “went ballistic to the point where they started threatening, denigrating [the] staff, saying ‘We're the Edmonton Oilers – we expect a 50 per cent discount.'" The restaurant owner said that only once he threatened to call the cops did the team agree to pay something: a lesser amount of $12,381.45.

The team's payroll? Over $59 million. And now thanks to the hubbub, the restaurant is under investigation from the Alberta Liquor and Gaming for suspicions of over-serving alcohol. Bravo, Oilers.
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