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Bourdain Torches 6 Tons of Cocaine; Touring Mina's Newest

In this edition of The 5 Food And Dining Videos That You Need To Watch Today, Anthony Bourdain sets fire to a large quantity of Panamanian cocaine, Michael Mina gives an impromptu tour of CityCenter's American Fish, Andrew Knowlton talks food trends in 2010, and much, much more.

1) Anthony Bourdain Sets Fire to Massive Stash of Cocaine: In this promo for the new season of No Reservations, Anthony Bourdain goes along with Head of the Office of National Security of Panama to destroy 6 tons of cocaine. As a goodwill embasador of the United States, of course Bourdain is given the honor of dropping the torch on the load. Says Bourdain in the clip below “15 years ago this is would have been what I asked Santa Claus to bring me for Christmas”:

2) Michael Mina Shows off the American Fish Kitchen: In the clip below, Michael Mina gives an impromptu tour of the open kitchen of his new restaurant in Las Vegas’ Aria, American Fish. Not only does the kitchen look completely amazing, but Mina’s explanation of how the restaurant uses actual ocean water as a part of their fish prep is very, very cool:

3) Andrew Knowlton Talks 2010 Food Trends: Bon Appetit restaurant editor Andrew Knowlton stopped by the Early Show last week to talk food predictions for 2010. Many of his picks are for trends that totally peaked mid 2009 (Bahn Mi? Seriously?) but there are some nice ones on the list, including “New Austrian” cuisine:

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4) Cantina Grill Commercial Starring Tequila Bot: A Birmingham Alabama taco joint paid a local comedy group $100 to make a commercial for them. The result: a Python-esque tale of a tequila-swigging gun slinger, and his robot amigo. Comedy. Gold. [via seriouseats]:

5) Food Movie Of The Damned: Bottle Shock: This entry into the Food Movies Of The Damned series is actually the rare wine movie of the damned. Bottle Shock tells the true story of the little 70’s Napa Valley vineyard that challenged the great wine makers of France to a wine throwdown – and won! You can just hear a studio suit says “ It’s Sideways meets Boogie Nights!” The Doobie Brothers-Heavy trailer for the flop, below:

Bonus Video: The web series Old Jews Telling Jokes is, exactly as the title implies, a series of short videos of old jews telling jokes. Here's a great zinger from Diane Hoffman, a retired healthcare professional, about ordering broccoli at the green grocer: