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Bobby Talks Super Battle; Bradley Cooper As Tony Bourdain

In this edition of The 5 Food And Dining Videos That You Need To Watch Today, Bobby Flay dishes about Iron Chef America: Super Battle (and wears a turtleneck!), Bradley Cooper channels Anthony Bourdain, Gordon Ramsay can't use a tandoori oven, and much, much more.

1) Bobby Flay Talks Super Battle, Behind The Scenes: Bobby Flay stopped by The Early Show this morning to talk about winning last night's Iron Chef America: Super Battle. Among other thing, Bobby notes that he had wanted to work with Cristeta Comerford ever since they met at a White House BBQ earlier this summer, and that, yes, Michelle really, truly loves those White House sweet potatoes:

2) Opening Credits of the Kitchen Confidential Sitcom: One corner of the Kitchen Confidential phenomenon that is easily forgotten about is the 2005 sitcom that the show inspired, also titled Kitchen Confidential. The show starred a then-unknown Bradley Cooper (of the Hangover fame) as "Jack Bourdain." A handful of episodes aired on FOX before it was swiftly canceled. Below is the slick, cheesy opening credits for the show (Note to all Bourdainiacs: don't stop here - all 13 episdoes are streaming for free at IMDB):

3) Carla Hall Shows Hoda and Kathie Lee How To make New Years Treats: Ms. Hootie Hoo herself, Top Chef Season 5 contestant Carla Hall stopped by the fourth hour of the Today Show last week to show Kathie Lee and Hoda how to plan a New Years Eve party on the quick. Although her recipe is a little weird -- a triple decker broccoli-pesto and cheese sandwich, under a brick -- Carla's pretty good with the gals, and you can see how this frenzied-party-planning-on-the-cheap segment might very well become her thing:

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4) Gordo Tries, Fails to Operate A Tandoori Oven: From an episode of the British version of Cookalong Live, Ramsay gives a crack at working the tandoori clay oven at a popular London Indian restaurant. Says Ramsay at the begining of the clip "If I don't get that right, I'm going to have a pissed off owner and burnt pair of bollocks: Charcoaled!" He doesn't get it right and the manager doesn't really care. Thankfully, it's pretty fun to watch Gordo totally screw something up in the kitchen [NSFW for Language]:

5) Katie Lee Cooks a Chicken on The Early Show: Ah, Katie Lee. So many people give her a hard time for not really having any credentials as a chef. If you need any proof that she knows how to cook (a simple roast chicken) look no further than this clip of the former Mrs. Billy Joel fixing a bird on this morning's Early Show:

Bonus Video: Mark Dacascos, is so much more than just the Chairman on Iron Chef America -- he's also a former C-list martial arts movie star! If you need proof of his mad karate-chop skills, please do check out this clip of Mark "training" in a little gem called Kickboxer 5.