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The Time That Partygoers Got Stuck in a Pub For Three Days

Thought your New Year's Eve was a long, boozy one? That's nothing compared to this. In what might be one of the best stories to kick off the new year, a group of New Year's Eve partypeople got stranded in a pub for three days after a freak snowstorm cut them off from civilization.

It all happened at the Tan Hill Inn in the Yorkshire Dales, which is renowned for being the highest pub in Britain. About 30 people were stuck in the bar for three nights including New Year's Eve, and naturally, they were "forced" to drink beer and play cards the entire time.

The group included a bunch of college kids, but shockingly, with a 5PM drinking rule in place, the bar didn't run out of beer, though they were down to their final keg (Black Sheep's Riggwelter, in case you were wondering). And of course, before being rescued on Sunday, three days of drinking in a pub will lead to some warm and fuzzy feelings among the crowd. Said the manager of the pub: "A really nice atmosphere developed as the party went on. A few friendships may have started."
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