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Kogi to Open a Real Restaurant (!), Conant Confirmed in NYC

LOS ANGELESSpeaking of LA's fleet of food trucks, there's some big big news out of the Kogi camp today. Food & Wine's Kate Krader breaks the news that come February, Kogi mastermind Roy Choi will be opening a real-life brick-and-mortar restaurant in West LA. [F&W via Eater LA]

NEW YORK—It's been rumored for months, and even though everyone already knew, Scott Conant finally confirmed that he is indeed taking the Cooper Square Hotel space that last housed Govind Armstrong's mega-flop Table 8. Expect more info on the concept and such in the coming days and weeks. [Eater NY]

AMERICA—Fun fact: as of January 1st, all House of Blues restaurants will begin to use cage-free eggs only. The LA-based chain estimates its uses more than 2 million eggs each year at its 14 nationwide locations. [MSNBC]