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Blumenthal Makes Absinthe Jelly; Kelly Choi Pulls Noodles

In this edition of The Five Food And Dining Videos That You Need To Watch Today, Heston Blumenthal uses molecular gastronomy trickery to make a jelly, Michael Voltaggio shares his recipe for boneless buffalo wings, Kelly Choi pulls some noodles, and much, much more.

1) Heston Blumenthal Makes Absinthe Jelly: With all this Ferran Adria talk, it's easy to forget that there are some other great chefs practicing the strange art of Molecular Gastronomy. Heston Blumenthal is on the short list of MG greats, and in the video below, he shows how to make an odd Absinthe jelly. Along the way, he stops over at a truly British " Jelly Festival":

2) Michael Volttaggio Makes Boneless Buffalo Wings: Just in time for the Super Bowl, Mickey Volt shows the LA Times how to make the boneless chicken wings that helped him win an elimination challenge on Top Chef. Michael's gotten pretty good at doing the four minute cooking segment:

3) Kelley Choi Makes Hand-Pulled Noodles: For a Time Out New York video series, Kelly Choi recently stopped by popular Manhattan Western Chinese take-out spot Xi'an Famous Foods to learn how to make their hand-pulled noodles. If you've been following Choi on Twitter, it's nice to remember how lucid she can be when talking about food:

4) NYC Chef George Mendes Makes Duck Confit: George Mendes, of NYC hotspot Aldea, stopped by the Today Show yesterday to cook a duck confit dish that is garnering all sorts of acclaim these days:

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5) Michael Pollan On Oprah: While it's not easy to reduce Pollan's sustainable food theories into a few minutes, he does a pretty good job of it in this clip below from his visit to the Oprah Show earlier this week:

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