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Todd English's Super Bowl Fest; Wall St. Gets McNugget Fever

MIAMI-- Todd English will be sporting his best game face in South Florida during Super Bowl weekend, hosting a meet and greet followed by a wine dinner at his Fort Lauderdale restaurant Da Campo Osteria, featuring champagne and hors d'oeuvre reception and five-course menu paired with wines. [Eater Miami]
FINANCELAND -- If you're wondering what The big finance dudes in Chicago are doing on a lazy, frigid Friday afternoon like today, the Animal blog has intercepted a report from the trading floor: "Apparently there’s a huge bet at Calyon today that some guy on the trading floor’s gotta eat 60 chicken McNuggets in 20 minutes and hold em down for 10 minutes after without throwing up? he’s eaten 37 so far and has 12 minutes left."[Animal]