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Zagat 3.0 iPhone App: The Future Of Quoted Reviews

Just in time for yesterday's unveiling of the new, big, iPhone, Zagat announces a souped-up version of their iPhone app that allows diners to access the quote-heavy restaurants recs, literally anywhere at any time.

While a Zagat iPhone app has been available for some time now, the newest version uses an augmented reality feature that allows users to point their iPhone down any street, and see the ratings and reviews of restaurants pop up on screen. The new program also has a feature that essentially acts in the same way as the iTunes Genius feature does, offering dining suggestions based on previous user picks. And, perhaps the greatest feature all is an off-line synch feature that enables users to pull up restaurant recs whether they be on an airplane, in a subway car, burried 50 feet under the ground -- anywhere.

As CNET points out, the new app curiously will also allow registered Zagat users to file reviews from their dinner table, in 240-charachter blurbs, sort like Twitter. Tim and Nina sure are doing a pretty good job keeping up with the kids these days.

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