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Burger Joint Offers Jay Leno a Franchise If Tonight Show Fails

A cutesy burger restaurant outside of Detroit is offering a new Burbank franchise to Jay Leno if (when?) his March return to late night is a flop. The company—appropriately named Jaws Jumbo Burgers—even took out an ad in the Los Angeles Daily News to promote their offer. Unfortunately, they haven't heard anything from Leno yet:

"We haven’t had any direct response yet,” said Jaws manager Paul Porter. “But we know we were featured in an area of the Leno show’s Web site with news from viewers, so someone on his staff is aware of us.”
Small victories? Actually, Leno might want to consider the offer, because maybe he's unaware that according to the restaurant website, Jaws is "the one and only movie tribute restaurant in the world" and "is equated to a theme park experience." They need to start multiplying, STAT.
· Farmington Hills burger restaurant cooks up deal for Jay Leno [Crain's]