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Hooters Helps Haiti On Super Bowl Sunday

Looking for a way to help the relief effort in Haiti that involves football, buffalo wings, and scantily-clad women? Then please do stop by your local Hooters chain this Super Bowl Sunday, as the restaurant chain will be donating a portion of their revenue to Stop Hunger Now, an international hunger relief organization providing aid to Haiti. Super Bowl Sunday is traditionally the biggest money making day of the year for Hooters, and knowing this, they're organized the charity event appropriately called "Hooters 4 Haiti". Says Mike McNeil, Vice President of Marketing for Hooters of America, Inc:

"Our Hooters Community wanted to find a way to help ease the suffering in Haiti. By supporting Stop Hunger Now we have found a path that involves feeding people which only makes sense with us being in the Restaurant Industry"
To all those that want to help Hooters contribute to the relief efforts, it should be noted that only the revenue from the fourth quarter of the game will be donated. Any money earned by the restaurant from the earlier part of the game will still go to the Hooters bankroll. Still, it's good to see the Hooters community giving back.
·Hooters to Donate All Store Revenue from the 4th Quarter of the Super Bowl to Benefit the Haiti Relief Effort [PRN]