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The World's Fanciest Ham, More Food Network Casting Calls

TELEVISION—With casting calls slated for Philly, Boston and NYC, the Food Network is looking for couples that have "no restaurant experience, a ton of restaurant experience, or some combination of the two" in a show that makes people open a restaurant in 24 hours a la Restaurant Wars. Grubz has the press release. [EaterWire]

LONDON—The world's most expensive piece of ham is now on sale in London and the 15 lb piece of meat can be yours for £1,800, or nearly $3000. The pitch: "The leg may seem to have a large price tag but when you think about the amount of care taken from breeding right through to the curing, it is actually amazing value ... Every single gram will be savoured as one of life's incredible gourmet luxuries." Every. Single. Gram. [BBC]

LAS VEGAS—Remember that live cooking show in Vegas called Martini Time with Chef Tina Martini?. It's finally underway and the first review makes it sound like a snoozefest, and there aren't even martinis! "Martini — spitting out nutritional info and prostate jokes with equally scripted ease — is part Rachel Ray, part biology professor ... her show plays it a little safe, the jokes coming off more recycled than spontaneous." [LVS]