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Daniel Boulud Sizes Up Nate Appleman; MasterChef Hits SF

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In this edition of The Five Food And Dining Videos That You Need To Watch Today, Daniel Boulud and Nate Appleman talk competing restaurants, MasterChef hopefulls share their best dishes, Adam Richman makes a surprise appearance on ESPN, and much, much more.

1) Daniel Boulud Meets Nate Appleman: Next Iron Chef star Nate Appleman just relocated from San Francisco to New York to helm Pulino’s Bar & Pizzeria, directly across the street from Daniel Boulud’s newest baby, DBGB’s. At a charity event last week, Daniel came over and introduced himself to Nate and the two talked a little shop: [Via NBC New York]:

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2) San Francisco MasterChef Casting: We’ve heard a bit about the MasterChef casting calls that keep popping up across the country. The video below goes behind the scenes of the SF call last week, profiling some of the aspirant chefs that may or may not have what it takes to get on Ramsay’s new show: [via SFAppeal]

The Beths - MasterChef Auditions - San Francisco from Tifton Drive Productions on Vimeo.

3) Adam Richman Plugs Man V. Food Special on ESPN: The promotional train for the Man V. Food Super Bowl Spectacular keeps on chugging. Adam Richman popped up on ESPN yesterday, to plug the 2-hour live event, and talked about how he’s training for the eating competition much like atheletes trains for the Olympics. In the clip below, Richman somehow manages to continue plowing through the over-abundance of food presented in front of him, without ever missing a beat of the interview:

4) Martha Stewart Makes Rice Dishes On The Today Show: Martha stopped by the Today Show this morning to share some easy rice recipes. Of course, her now infamous pole dancing comes up several times in the clip below. Martha handles the gentle ribbing from Meredith Viera with grace:

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5) Marco Pierre White Talks About Things He Wishes He Hadn't Said: They include “I love you” and “marry me?"

Bonus Video: Ever wonder how Joel Robuchon keeps people coming to his many, many restaurants all across the globe? Media appearances like this one on a Japanese chat show, certainly must have something to do with it:

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