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Art Smith the Hall of Famer, McDonald's Tidbits, More!

CHICAGO—Hey look, Art Smith is going to be inducted into the Chicago Chefs Hall of Fame. And all he had to do is cook for Obama, cook for Oprah, go on Top Chef Masters and get a TV show. [GS]

FROYO WARS—Disappointing news for anyone hoping for the end of the frozen yogurt trend: in 2009 alone, froyo heavyweight Red Mango signed 42 franchisees to open a total of 219 new stores. In other words, 2010 will see even more new Red Mango spots. [PRNewswire]

MCEATER—Three quick items of note relating to McDonald's: 1) in Rome, McDonald's has a new line of burgers with pancetta and artichoke spread ... called the McItaly; 2) McDonald's hates the Special Olympics; and 3) based on its firing practices, the company is really, really petty. [~EN~]