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Ferran Adria To Close El Bulli For Two Years

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Getting a reservation at Ferran Adria's El Bulli just got a lot harder. The molecular gastronomy king announced earlier today that he will be closing his fine-dining palace on the coast of Spain for all of 2012 and 2013. Adria broke the news today at the Madrid Fusion food conference, stressing that the restaurant is simply reshaping as it eschews serving meals to the public:

El Bulli is not closing down. These are not two years on sabbatical. I need time to decide how 2014 is going to be... I know that when I return it will not be the same."

Confirming rumors that have been floating for some time now, Adria notes that the sabbatical is simply to recharge the restaurant's creative juices. As it stands, El Bulli has always had a limited season, starting in mid June and ending in December, with reservations for the next season only attainable on a single day close to the end of the previous one. So, if you didn't nab a 2010 resy a week ago, your only chance dine at El Bulli for the next three years will come sometime next January. On the upside, Adria will have some time to prepare his lectures at the Molecular Gastronomy Cooking School.
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