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Last Night's Episode of No Reservations: Just The One-Liners

Last night’s No Reservations featured a relatively sedate Tony Bourdain touring the bucolic French seasides of Brittany. Northern France is a spiritual home of sorts for Bourdain, not just because of all the fidgety French food types roaming around, but also because the land has an abundance of rare, expensive, crazy-looking seafood. Yup, Tony talked a lot about his damn shellfish tower throughout the episode, and boy did he get one. The shots of Tony gobbling down crustacean after crustacean at a break-neck speed is really something only his wife should be allowed to see. With that, on to the Quotable Bourdain from last night's episode. Don't forget to add your favorite zingers in the comments.

1) On visiting a pig farm: “This whole place smell decidedly better than my college dorm ever did.”
2) Describing the luscious French Pastry, mille feuille: “Look at that and tell me that you don’t want to do something shameful – yeah, lovechunks, I’m looking at you!
3) On a jar of pickled sardines: “If Jacques hadn’t grabbed the jar from my hands, I would have chugged it like a PBR.”

4) Talking to his producer while looking out over the seaside: “Where’s my fucking wine? The producer took away my wine! I frankly think a glass of wine in this scene, would add a sense of Frenchiness.“
5) On Brittany’s famous black and white striped shirts: “You rarely see a Frenchman in one of these things."
6) On the shellfish tower, Part 1: “Only one scene left, and it’s an open road. It’s about a big, heaping tower of shellfish. “
7) On the shellfish tower, Part 2: "I’ve been kind of annoying on this subject. When do I get my shellfish tower?"
8) On the shellfish tower, Part 3: “Prepare yourself, gird your loins!”
9) On the shellfish tower, part 4: “I don’t know if this is enough, I’m a little concerned about my portion size here. “

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