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And Now Lawyers Are Opening Restaurants Too

Are you a lawyer? And do you hate your job of being a lawyer and/or have you been laid off recently? If so, one law industry publication thinks it has the solution: "...for [lawyers], being laid off has been a push to tap into a culinary side." Fun fact!

Subway honcho Larry Feldman is the biggest success story of a lawyer-turned-restaurateur, but more recent examples of new restaurants run by former attorneys include NYC's Baohaus and DC's Scion. The owner of the latter restaurant shares that being a lawyer not only comes in handy with dealing with the red tape, but it's obviously a huge boon in the customer service arena, because diners love talking about lawyers:

...the legal background also helps because people love discussing my Biglaw experience and how I balance a day job along with Scion. It’s a great topic of conversation when I’m working the floor of the restaurant.
Something to keep in mind next time you talk about Biglaw with restaurant personnel.
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