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Gail Makes Soup; Emeril Meets His Master on Martha

In this edition of The Five Food And Dining Videos That You Need To Watch Today, Gail Simmons makes soup on The Early Show, Anthony Bourdain gets the munchies in Prague, Emeril and his kid ham it up with Martha, and much, much more:

1) Gail Simmons Makes Soup: The lovely and talented Gail Simmons stopped by the Early Show this past weekend to share recipes for three hearty soups. She’s great with a cooking demo:

2) Preview for the Prague Episode of No Reservations: A new clip for next Monday’s Prague episode of No Reservations just hit the web, and it looks very different from last night’s calm, sophisticated tour of Brittany. In the preview below, Tony hits Prague after dark, searching for some post-drinking grub. Says Bourdain, “I’m on a hunt for sausages and fried things”:

3) Emeril Stops By the Martha Stewart Show to Cook/Talk About His New Show: Last week Emeril and his kid topped by the Martha Stewart Show to make some ribs, but before things got going, he announced his new show, with a nod to the ION CEO who happened to be in the audience. Also of note: The little Legasse is not only pretty damn funny, but also solid with a recipe. Future food media star?:

4) Ferran Adria and Harold McGee Cook with Liquid Nitro: If you’re wondering what all the El Bulli shutter fuss is all about, check out this new-ish clip below of Ferran Adria and partner in molecular gastronomy crime, Harold McGee making some sort of crazy guava dish with deadly liquid nitrogen. Ferran, we hardly knew ya:

5) Worst Cooks In America Finale Preview: What better way to teach a bunch of hapless aspirant chefs how to dominate on the line, than by having them cook with a bunch of college football players who also know nothing about food? Such is the set up for the grand finale of Worst Cooks:

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