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Adria Speaks: Robuchon's Advice, Michelin and More!

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Earlier today, the earth-shattering news broke that El Bulli would be closing in 2012 for a two-year hiatus. As the dust settles on Adria's announcement, more details are slowly emerging regarding the fate of the world's top restaurant, and also the state of its renowned chef.

At today's initial announcement at Madrid Fusion, Adria chalked up the break to fatigue, but in an interview session with the Telegraph in which he takes some jabs at Michelin and the Ramsays of the world, Adria also cites "personal problems," with unconfirmed speculations involving a serious health scare to a family member. He also sought out the advice of fellow superchef friend/rival Joel Robuchon, who endorsed Adria's desire for a break: "He said it was time I went home."

On Michelin: "I have to show respect to the guides [by handing back his Michelin stars and other awards] but I have to say I do not always agree with their classifications, in Spain and elsewhere – and I'm not just saying that out of patriotism."

On Celebrity Chefs: "... he said he was more interested in research than money. 'Otherwise we would have opened 40 branches, everywhere to Peru,' he smiled "but we would have to do a different kind of cuisine.'"

Not terribly encouraging news at all: "What I have to decide is whether we have taken haute cuisine as far as it can or are there other things to do. After two years of being closed we will decide if we are actually going to reopen." Gulp.
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