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Bryan V. Makes a Cheesecake; The Guy From Tool Crafts Wine

In this edition of The Five Food And Dining Videos That You Need To Watch Today, Bryan Voltaggio uses every trick in the book to make a cheesecake, the singer from Tool shows off his winecraft, a monkey makes Mochi, and much, much, more!

1) Bryan Voltaggio Makes a Dulce De Leche Cheesecake: In this week’s Voltaggio Brothers Video, Bryan makes white chocolate goat cheese dulce de leche cheescake. It’s a fan-requested recipe, and one that involves a pressure cooker, vacuum-packed chocolate, caramelized white chocolate, and a lot of technique. Here, Bryan whips out some serious food know-how while also referencing his experiences on Top Chef. This is the best of the four Voltaggio Bros. videos, by far:

2) Blood Into Wine Trailer: Maynard James Keenan is the singer from the band Tool, as well as an aspirant vintner based out of Arizona. Below is the trailer for a film about his wine-making efforts, Blood into Wine, that features, comedian Bob Odenkirk and Mila Jovavich, as well as some footage of the goings on at his winery, Caduceus [via Videogum]:

3) Kid Chef Cooks Burgers On The Today Show: Emma Potts is a ten year old chef who beat out 11,000 other kids chefs in a contest sponsored by Red Robin to make a master burger. She got some screen time on national TV this morning with Hoda and Kathie Lee preparing her creation. Look out Bobby Flay--this kid’s got the goods:

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4) A Chimp Makes Mochi on Japanese TV: What does a chimpanzee know about making the popular Japanese rice-cake based sweet, mochi? Nothing of course! And yet, somehow, this clip of two talk show hosts trying to teach the animal how to prepare the dessert is even sillier than you could possibly imagine. A simple pleasure:

5) Jamie Oliver Continues To Shill For Grocery Store: Lords knows why Jamie Oliver, with all of his world-saving efforts, and plans for global domination, still shills for Sainsbury’s, grocery chain in England. But he does. Below is the chef's most recent ad – which just hit the YouTubes today-- featuring Jamie, nestled amongst the proletariat, cooking simple, healthy food, all which was purchased from Sainsbury’s:

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