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Waiter Admits to Stealing Credit Card Info From Customers

One thing diners never want to think about is the possibility that it can be very easy for waiters to swipe credit cards. After all, where else does one completely hand over credit cards to strangers to take away into another area? Well, paranoid diners shouldn't read any further.

A Kansas City waiter is looking at 35 years in jail and a $750,000 fine after admitting to identity theft and credit card fraud. The waiter—who worked at a posh Country Club restaurant—said he swiped his customers' cards an extra time in his own "electronic device." Then the waiter-thief used the credit card numbers to buy stuff online, "including thousands of dollars worth of DVDs." Well played, sir. The DVDs could come in handy in prison, but maybe he should have blamed it on the local ghost.
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