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Thomas Keller Chats About Washing Dishes, Family Recipes

This past weekend, Sir Thomas Keller sat down with Evan Kleiman of KCRW's Good Food to chat about Ad Hoc and the new Bouchon in Beverly Hills, and also opened up a bit about how he got interested in the restaurant world. There aren't not many "newsworthy" bits in it, but Keller fans will want a listen. Keller notes that growing up with a single mother who worked in restaurants, he mostly ate food that his older brothers cooked for him while she was away—things like TV dinners and hot dogs—and that his interest in the cooking started when he worked as a dishwasher in one of his mother's restaurants. According to Keller, the dishwashing gig exposed him to the rituals, team spirit, and instant gratification of a restaurant kitchen, all of which inspired him to pursue the career he's had so far.

The stream for the Good Food episode is below-- skip ahead to the 20 minute mark to hear the Thomas Keller segment of the show:

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