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Fabio Trabocchi Theories, Big Meat Recalls, More!

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NEW YORK—As the restaurant world waits to see if star chef Fabio Trabocchi will resurface in Washington DC, the conspiracy theories are flying regarding his split with the Four Seasons, with the main guesses being too much change, too much lard, too much $ and too much crazy. [Eater NY]

RECALLS—Rhode Island-based meat company Daniele has issued a recall of 1.2 million pounds of "ready-to-eat pepper-coated salamis, sausages and other cured meats" because of a salmonella outbreak. Hate to see that. [USA Today]

TELEVISION—What's next for Magical Elves, the production team behind Top Chef? For once, nothing cooking-related. They are looking for "individuals who are interested in learning the art of fortune telling, tarot, palm reading, etc, for a episode of their latest show, Character Fantasy Makeover." [Reality Wanted]