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Controversial Fast Food Ads Are a Lot Different In Sweden

Here in America, our controversial fast food ads usually use celebrity starlets to grab the attention of viewers, whereas over in Sweden, they use chef-on-chef violence. A Swedish Burger King Ad is causing quite a stir with media watchdog groups over its depiction of a chef giving another chef a headbutt after realizing that the meal he presents to his superior is actually from Burger King. The allegations lodged against the fast food company of course have to do with promoting the casual use of violence in a youth-targeted ad campaign.

Burger King has defended the commercial on the grounds that the toque-wearing chef head butt is just some basic, run-of-the-mill slapstick, one of the oldest forms of comedy in the world. While this seems like some pretty tame stuff to our over-stimulated American sensibilities, feel free to check out the commercial below, and judge for yourself.

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