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Bourdain Hits Brittany; Bobby Shows Off His Burger Palace

In this edition of The Five Food And Dining Videos That You Need To Watch Today, Anthony Bourdain visits a French pig farm, Bobby Flay takes us on a tour of his Burger Palace, the Japanese take snack commercials to a whole new level, and much, much, more:

1) Anthony Bourdain Visits A Pig Farm: A new preview for this week's Brittany-based episode of No Reservations just hit the web, and it looks like a good one. In the clip below, Tony visits a pig farm in Northwest France, and literally sees how the sausage is made:

2) Promo For Bobby Flay's Burger Joint: Bobby Flay has a burgeoning chain of fast-casual burger stands in the Northeast, appropriately called Bobby's Burger Palace. He just filmed this video explaining the concept of the place, and gives us a little tour of the menu. Basically they have a burger named after every city in America, so no matter where you're from, there's a burger for you. Also of note: you can get any burger "crunchified" for free.

3) New Japanese Pudding Commercial: This two minute commercial for Giga brand Japanese pudding hammers away at one idea: pudding makes people happy! Very, very, very happy. Japan, you've done it again [via SeriousEats]:

4) Jack Bauer Shills for Japanese Snack Bar: Speaking of Japan, Squid Ink unearthed this awesome commercial that Keifer Sutherland filmed for a Japanese snack bar, "CalorieMate". If you've ever wondered how Jack Bauer keeps his nerves straight during those "Red-wire, Green-wire" situations, the answer of course is by eating granola bars [via La Weekly]:

5) Gordo Makes an Omelette With Jonathan Ross: One of the many, many shows that Gordon Ramsay has on British television is F-Word, a sort of grab bag of travel segments, cooking demos, and interviews with his celeb friends. In the clip below, from a recent episode, Ramsay sits down with BBC late night talk show host Johnathan Ross -- sort of the equivalent to David Letterman in the UK -- and the two make a Japanese omelette together:

Bonus Video: If you haven't yet checked out the first trailer from Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, where the West Virginians with bad eating habits make Jamie cry, here you go:

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